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Denmark geosciences – geology and geography

Geology and geography at Geocenter Denmark represent disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to studies of planet Earth, its internal structure and evolution, landscape dynamics and processes, the behaviour and properties of minerals as natural materials, oil, gas, water and other natural resources. Studies also comprise Earth history as recorded in rocks and fossils, the origin of life, global climate change, conditions of life and human societies, perspectives of global change, globalisation and the management of environment and resources. The Geocenter Denmark primarily draws on the expertise of neighbouring natural sciences but also on specific expertise of social studies and the humanities.

The Geocenter Denmark is hosted by the University of Copenhagen and comprises the Department of Geography and Geology, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and the Geological Museum, with a total staff of about 500 and about 800 students. 

Key research areas

Key research areas with significant external funding and major research groups with international reputation include:

  • Arctic geosciences and climate change: the Greenland research programmes
  • Deep Earth: Chemical and physical processes
  • Evolution of the Earth's lithosphere
  • Early Earth: Differentiation of the planet; evolution of the continents and hydrosphere
  • Geology of sedimentary basins and hydrocarbon reservoirs
  • Palaeobiology: taxonomic and evolutionary palaeontology
  • Mineral resources and hydrocarbons
  • Hydrogeology and hydrology: modelling, biogeochemical cycling, and degradation of organic compounds
  • Dynamics and development of landscapes, coastal- and marine areas, and planning of cities
  • Environment and society in developing countries - human dimensions of global change
  • Geoinformatics

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