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Field stations and fieldwork opportunities


  • A broad range of GEUS’ field activities involve each year about 50-100 scientists, students and assistants including Geocenter staff and scientific project partners from several countries.
  • Sermillik Station, Greenland. The Sermillik Field station is situated app. 20 km west of Ammassalik in Southeast Greenland. The Sermillik station is used as a base for stud-ies of the Mittvakkat-glacier and its terrestrial, coastal and marine surroundings and as a training facility for students working with arctic issues.
  • The Arctic Station, Greenland. The Geocenter in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen operates the Arctic Station on Greenland (Godhavn/Qeqertarsuaq, Disko Island), whose purpose is to promote arctic research and teaching in bio- and geoscience. The station also operates a small research vessel ('Porsild'). Researchers and students from the Geocentre also have access to the Zackenberg Station, operated by the Danish Polar Centre. This station is a base for various types of ecosystem and environmental research.


  • Skallingen Laboratory, Esbjerg.
    The Esbjerg/Ho field station is a research and educational facility also com-prising an analysis laboratory. The field station consists of a laboratory, a library, study rooms and other facilities (kitchen, beds, and shower). The laboratory is manned all the year round and owns a 30-foot research vessel.
  • Geological Field Station Klim
    The station is located in Klim Plantage northeast of Fjerritslev not long from Thorup Strand at Jammerbugten.

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